Algebra 2H

Prerequisite – Geometry 2110 with teacher recommendation only, or Geometry 2114H with a grade of “B” or better or teacher recommendation, or concurrent enrollment in Geometry Honors with Administrative Approval

2064 H – 1 Unit

Students will apply and extend their understanding of functions. Students are expected to master the topics of Algebra 2 as listed under course 2060 with more emphasis on the relationships between quadratic, polynomial, and rational functions as well as trigonometry.


Calculus 3H

Prerequisite – Calculus BC AP
2202 H – 1/2 Unit

This is the third course in a three semester sequence on analytic geometry and calculus. Topics include vector-valued functions, functions of several variables, multiple integration, vector analysis, and matrices and linear algebra.

Music Theory H

Prerequisite – Ability to read music and teacher recommendation
7271 – 1 unit

Students learn basic fundamentals of harmonic techniques, interval recognition, melodic and simple harmonic dictation, simple keyboard harmony, and elements of composing. A survey is made of music history, and music literature. The course is college preparatory for a student intending to major in music. Successful completion of the course may allow the student an advanced placement standing in college music theory courses.

Biology 1 H

Prerequisite – None
4131 – 1 unit laboratory biological science

Biology 1 H emphasizes learning biological principles and scientific problem solving through an inquiry approach, open-ended investigations, and independent research. Technology and outside reading of current literature provide additional enrichment. Goggles are required for safety in the lab and can be ordered through the classroom teacher. Course fee will not exceed $3.00.

Biotechnology 2H (Recombinant DNA Technology and Protein Production) S1 PM or S2 AM

Prerequisite: Biotechnology 2 with a grade of A
4143 – 1 Unit (2 hour, 1 semester) CAA

Students enrolled in Biotechnology 2 will apply advanced methods of investigation in the biotechnology and bioscience field. Each student will practice advanced techniques in such areas as recombinant DNA technology assay development and production/purification of proteins. The course includes opportunities to tour/job shadow local diagnostic and animal health laboratories*Honors credit requirement: participation/presentation of student original experimental research at a minimum 2 science symposia/competitions/science fairs

There is a course fee of $30.00.

Chemistry 1H

Prerequisite – Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Honors Algebra 2 or teacher recommendation
4169 – 1 unit laboratory physical science

Chemistry 1 Honors is an advanced course in which students will investigate the structure, properties and changes that matter undergoes during chemical reactions. Students are instructed in inquiry-based laboratory investigations, the unitization of technology, and free-response writing. This course requires a strong mathematical background and moves at an accelerated pace. Course fee will not exceed $3.00.

Geometry H

Prerequisite – Algebra 1 with a “B” or better and teacher recommendation
2114 H – 1 Unit

Students develop knowledge in mathematics through work around congruence, similarity, and probability. Essential topics include proofs of geometric theorems, constructions, application of trigonometry, working with circles, conditional probability, and using probability to create models and make decisions. Evaluation, synthesis, and modeling are emphasized.