Introduction to Global Systems

Prerequisite – None
4157 – 1/2 Unit

This course provides students an introduction to sustainability in Global Systems specifically. Students will gain experience in basic skills in all 7 areas of global systems, leadership, workplace and communication. This is an introductory course open to freshman and sophomores.


First Aid/CPR/EMR

Prerequisite – None
6620 – 1/2 Unit

First Aid/CPR/EMR is a general course in the principles of emergency first response, from arrival to transport. It is also geared to teach the basics of first aid, with emphasis on stabilization and transport if necessary. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of Automatic Defibrillators will be a major part of the course with certification upon completion

Introduction to Public Service

Prerequisite – None
6610 – 1/2 Unit

Introduction to Public Service is the first class in the Law, Public Safety and Security Program. As such, it is an exploratory class giving the student access to the principles and concepts necessary for the basic study of law, of law enforcement, firefighting and EMT. This is a required class for continuation in the signature program, and is designed to provide the student the basic information necessary to decide on further program study, and determination of which strand is the one they wish to pursue.


Prerequisite – Counselor/Case Manager Approval
0147 – 1/2 Unit – Fall
0148 – 1/2 Unit – Spring

This program provides a range of services and supports for the identified gifted student including independent research, in-depth studies in curricular areas, off-campus study, study skills, and seminars. Students who enroll in this course for achievement of goals in the SEEK curriculum will receive SEEK credit/letter grade. Students who choose to compact a course and complete the compacting within the first quarter may choose to also compact the SEEK semester curriculum in a quarter for a maximum of 1.0 units of credit including the courses that are compacted. Students who enroll in this course to compact two non-SEEK courses will receive letter grades for the compacted courses but they will not receive a SEEK credit/letter grade. Within five days of the start of the quarter students must declare they are compacting for a SEEK semester grade. This course may be repeated for credit.

Independent Living

Prerequisite – Counselor/Case Manager Approval
0637 – 1 Unit

This course teaches the student to develop the necessary skills for independent living as adults. Students will learn skills to enable them to function independently as adults. Independent living skills include community activities and resources which will teach the skills necessary for functioning as adults.