Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC)

The Shawnee Mission School District is proud to offer the Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps at SM North and SM West high schools. All district high school students are eligible to enroll in NJROTC as full-time students on transfer to SM West or SM North or as part-time students, schedule permitting. Transportation will be provided by the district to and from the appropriate NJROTC site for students attending part time. Part-time students from SM East and SM South will attend SM West. Part-time students from SM Northwest will attend SM North.

The district partners with the Navy to present a four-year curriculum that blends various classroom subjects including social studies, science, and physical fitness, each from a military perspective such as military history, oceanography, and lifetime personal fitness. Enrolled students will satisfy district physical education requirements with two- year participation in NJROTC. Although a student may join NJROTC at any point in their high school career, the maximum benefits of the curriculum are realized when it is followed from the student’s freshman year through their senior year. Students derive a great deal of satisfaction as they transition from the role of follower in 9th grade through the various leadership levels to senior leader in the chain of command by the time they graduate.

Those interested in combining military service with college studies will enjoy the advantage of a recommendation by the Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) to attend the United States Naval Academy or receive a college ROTC scholarship. Recommendation does not guarantee academy appointment or an ROTC scholarship, but it is very helpful.

Physical Fitness: Each course has physical training (PT) as a significant component. The focus of NJROTC’s PT regimen is personal fitness. Although team games are sometimes played, the major focus of PT is for the cadet to gain an appreciation of lifelong fitness. Nutrition is also discussed as the “healthy mind, healthy body” concept is developed to the fullest.

Naval Science (NJROTC) may be applied for physical education (P.E.) credit to meet graduation requirements. A maximum of one-half (1/2) unit of NJROTC per year for a total of one (1) unit, may count as physical education credit. Additional NJROTC units will be counted as elective credit. Elective credit is given for up to a total of four (4) units when the P.E. credit option is not taken.

Extracurricular activities: Full benefit from the NJROTC curriculum is achieved w hen t he cadet chooses at least one NJROTC extracurricular activity in which to participate. These include: Drill Team (precision marching and rifle spinning), orienteering (land navigation through pre-described courses in the woods using only a map and a compass), PT Team (for those who are really into exercising), and Academic Team (this team takes a test centered on questions from our textbooks and current events). The PT Team and Academic Team travel with the Drill Team to out-of-town competitions and compete for the possibility of attending the Navy National Drill Competition held each spring in Pensacola, Florida.

Students are responsible for transportation to special events and activities.