eSchool Courses

High school students access the on-line curriculum and lessons for independent study. Students will use the district-approved text book resources with their online course and must have access to a home computer with Internet access capabilities. Online teachers assess student work and issue grades. Students must meet established board policies for eSchool enrollment and successfully complete the course to receive credit. Successful completion of the course meets graduation requirements.

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American Government
Prerequisite – None
ES3990 – 1/2 Unit

The required course in American Government is based upon students’ previous learning to assist them in being informed and engaged citizens. Emphasis is placed on the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship. Students will examine the development and the fundamental principle incorporated into t he United States Constitution; the organization of government at the federal, state, and local level; political parties and elections; comparative government; andforeignpolicy. (See graduation requirements)

Health Education
Prerequisite – None
ES9220 – 1/2 Unit

The Health Education course curriculum will include content in the areas of mental health, human growth and development, addictions, fitness for life, disease prevention, nutrition, personal relationships, and abstinence-based human sexuality. (See graduation requirements)