Classification of Students

Students attain grade level classification according to the number of course units earned and the number of years completed at the high school level in grades 9-12. Students are classified after the completion of the summer school session. Students may be reclassified after first semester to grade 12 if they have attended at least 7 semesters in grades 9-12 and have earned 18.50 credits.

Grade Level Class of 2018 and 2019 Minimum Credit Earned Class of 2020 and Beyond Minimum Credits Earned
Grade 9 0.0 0.0
Grade 10 5.50 5.50
8.25 8.25
Grade 11 11.00 11.50
13.25 13.75
Grade 12 16.00 16.50


Early planning by each student toward a Four-Year Individual Plan of Study is very important. In planning what courses to take, the student must be continually aware of the need to fulfill the requirements for graduation. Students are also encouraged to investigate, with their counselors and/or parents, the requirements of the specific college or university they may wish to enter, taking that information into consideration in designing their Four-Year Individual Plan of Study. Counselors are a vital resource in this planning process. Counselors can provide an important service in helping students evaluate their interests, abilities, and goals. They assist students in planning a program of selected courses that will best contribute to the fulfillment of their college and career goals.


Each student maintains an individual plan of study through Career Cruising. Within Career Cruising, profiles include interest inventories, surveys to identify college and career interests, a resume builder, and a four-year plan for our students’ course of study. Students update these plans periodically, and we encourage parents and students to reference this information during the enrollment planning process.
Please ask your child to share his or her plan. As a parent, your child may go to the following website to access their plan:

Once the Career Cruising link is opened, the resource is located in the menu on the right of the web page.