Citizenship/Leadership Development NS1

Prerequisite – None
9050 – 1 Unit

Students are introduced to the NJROTC program: citizenship, foundations of gover nment, leadership, and Navy operational platforms such as ships, submarines, and aircraft. Marching drills, commands, and ceremonial procedures are utilized in the basic training of the new cadet/student. Leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, and learning to be a good follower are core concepts of this course. Peripheral studies include naval heritage, customs and courtesies of the military, and the US Navy chain of command. Uniforms are issued to each student free of charge.


Citizenship/Leadership Development NS2

Prerequisite – None
9055 – 1 Unit

Students are introduced to sonar, maritime geography, oceanography, electronics, meteorology, and shipboard operations. Maritime history is explored from early western civilization through the present. Cadets also continue their study and practice of marching drills, commands, and ceremonies. Students begin the transition from follower to leader. College preparation is stressed and each cadet creates goals for the future. Students begin to learn how to apply for a college scholarship.

Citizenship/Leadership Development NS3

Prerequisite – None
9060 – 1 Unit

Cadets are introduced to sea power and national security, naval operations and support functions, military law, international law and the sea, basic seamanship, ship construction, damage control, and naval aircraft. Drills, commands, and ceremonies are now examined completely from the role of the experienced cadet who has a leadership role in the program. Students are promoted to high level positions of leadership and responsibility.

Citizenship/Leadership Development NS4

Prerequisite – None
9061 – 1 Unit

Cadets are introduced to the subjects of military justice, U.S. Navy research and development, grand strategy and preparedness, and maritime logistics. Case studies in leadership are also studied. Students are promoted to the very top positions in the program. Career planning and educational goals are formalized as the cadet prepares to graduate from high school.