Algebra 1

Prerequisite – None
2050 – 1 Unit

Students develop knowledge in mathematics through work with linear expressions and equations. Essential topics include interpreting quantities and rates, functions and function notation, rational exponents, quadratic relationships, and using regression techniques to describe relationships between data sets. Application and reasoning are emphasized.


Algebra 2

Prerequisite – Geometry 2110, 2114 or teacher recommendation
2060 – 1 Unit

Students apply and extend their understanding of functions. Essential topics include quadratics, polynomials, logarithms, trigonometry, and statistics. This course will prepare students for College Algebra/Trig.

Algebra 2H

Prerequisite – Geometry 2110 with teacher recommendation only, or Geometry 2114H with a grade of “B” or better or teacher recommendation, or concurrent enrollment in Geometry Honors with Administrative Approval

2064 H – 1 Unit

Students will apply and extend their understanding of functions. Students are expected to master the topics of Algebra 2 as listed under course 2060 with more emphasis on the relationships between quadratic, polynomial, and rational functions as well as trigonometry.

Algebra 3

Prerequisite – Algebra 2
2190 – 1 Unit

This course is designed to review and extend skills and concepts from Algebra 2. Some content included in College Algebra/Trig (such as trigonometric functions and analytic geometry) is included, but at a less rigorous level. A student who has received credit in Precalculus or higher has completed the content of Algebra 3 and may not enroll in this course without prior teacher recommendation.

Calculus BC AP

Prerequisite – Precalculus H
2162 AP – 1 Unit

The content of the course includes both differential and integral calculus. Topics covered include: differentiation of algebraic functions, trigonometric functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, anti- differentiation, the definite integral and polar coordinates. Students enrolled in this course may qualify for college credit at JCCC (College Now).