Forest Fighting

Prerequisite – None
6626 – 1/2 Unit

This course, in conjunction with the Kansas Forestry Service, is the study of forest fire techniques with a practical application aimed at qualifying the student for his/her Forest Fire Red Card, preparing them to seek 66123employment fighting forest fires. This is an online-based course that can be supported by the Blue Eagle Staff.


Fire Science 2

Prerequisite – Fire Science 1
6624 – 1 Unit (2-hour, 1 semester)

Fire science 2, when combined with Fire Science 1, are equivalent to the Firefighter 1 Certificate. These courses together complete all the necessary skills to pass the Firefighter 1 Certificate.

Fire Science 1

Prerequisite – Introduction to Public Service
6622 – 1 Unit (2-hour, 1 Semester)

Fire Science 1, when combined with Fire Science 2, equals the Firefighter 1 Certification Course. This course provides hands-on practical experience teaching all skills necessary to eventually pass the Firefighter 1 Certification.

Contemporary Communications Fire Science and EMP 11,12

Prerequisite – ELA 2
1640 – 1/2 unit

Contemporary Communications provides students with a blended learning environment by which they explore fundamentals of effective communication in the 21st century while enrolled in Shawnee Mission Signature Program courses at the Center for Academic Achievement. Students develop and apply skills in personal communication including critical thinking, speaking, listening, and written communications linked to the signature programs of study of their interest (i.e. law and public safety). Students will participate in ongoing activities aligned to Kansas English Language Arts standards while enhancing content linked directly to the respective signature programs. This course is repeatable for credit.

Law Enforcement 2

Prerequisite – Introduction to Public Service ad Law Enforcement 1
6614 – 1 Unit (2-hour, 1 semester)

This is an in-depth follow-up to Law Enforcement 1 studying crime control measures, most significant crimes, constitutional law, and, as in Law Enforcement 1, contains significant hands-on skill development. Seniors may enroll in both LE 1 and LE 2 their senior year, taking one per semester.

Law Enforcement 1

Prerequisite – Introduction to Public Service
6612 – 1 Unit (2-hour, 1 semester)

This course is designed to provide the student with the basic concepts and skills associated with the law enforcement profession to include introduction to law and the legal system, criminal law and the juvenile justice system, police department organizational structures, and other police related information. This class is heavy in hands-on development of police skills including report writing, criminal investigations and other technical police operations.

LPSS Internship

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation
6630 – 1/2 unit

This course serves as the capstone for the Project Blue Eagle Pre-Law signature program. The Pre-Law Internship is a semester of on-site mentorship in the field of Law. The student will secure this internship with assistance from the Blue Eagle Program. The Internship is intended to provide the student real world experiences in a real employment setting. Classes on Resume building, interviewing and job skills are included.