Aerobics and Fitness

Prerequisite – None
8060 – 1/2 unit

Aerobics refer to exercises that stimulate heart and lung activity for a long enough period of time to produce beneficial changes in the body. Aerobic exercise and conditioning may include: jogging, swimming, water aerobics, weight lifting, aerobic dance, step aerobics, and other general conditioning activities.


Foundations of Physical Education

Prerequisite – None
8032 – 1/2 unit – Fall
8034 – 1/2 unit – Spring

The course is a required course for graduation and has been designed to follow the NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education) standards. Units will include: individual, dual, and team sports, fitness based activities, rhythmic activities, and aquatics. Other activities may be included as per the district curriculum. (See graduations requirements).

Health Education

Prerequisite – None
9220 – 1/2 unit

The Health Education course curriculum will include content in the areas of mental health, human growth and development, addictions, fitness for life, disease prevention, nutrition, personal relationships, and abstinence-based human sexuality. (See graduation requirements) This course may also be taken through eSchool.

Individual Goals – Health

Prerequisite – Counselor/Case Manager Approval
0502 – 1/2 unit

Enrollment in this course is determined by the Individual Education Plan team. The team will base recommendations on individual student need and state requirements. Credit in this course may be applied toward the minimum graduation requirement in Health.

Lifetime Sports

Prerequisite – None
8160 – 1/2 unit

Students learn team and individual sports that will be available to them as adults. Activity areas include: bowling, shuffleboard, table tennis, fencing, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, jogging, handball, swimming, golf, and archery. These activities will be divided in various combinations throughout the semester.