Computer Science A AP

Prerequisite – Programming in Java Advanced H, Algebra 2 or concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2
2096 AP – 1 Unit

This is a highly technical course in which students learn to apply a wide variety of advanced programming techniques, using the Java language. Credit in this course may not be applied toward minimum graduation requirements in mathematics but may be used to meet elective requirements. Students enrolled in this course may qualify for college credit at JCCC (College Now).


Computer Science Principals (CSP) H

Prerequisites – None
2216 – 1 Unit

Computer Science Principles (CSP) is a new PLTW course that will be offered at all five high schools. In this course, students work in teams to develop computational thinking and problem solving skills. The course covers the College Board’s new CS Principles framework. The course also aims to build students’ awareness of the tremendous demand for computer specialists and for professionals in all fields who have computational skills. Students create apps for mobile devices, automate tasks in a variety of languages, find patterns in data, and interpret simulations. Students also collaborate to create and present solutions that can improve people’s lives. Students enrolling in the course may qualify for JCCC credit (College Now).


Course Outline:

This course is a new and exciting course offering to SM North. Think of engineering as “problem solving”. It’s a computer class where you use all different kinds of software apps to solve problems. The class is structured differently too. You work together with a partner to solve the problem, switching partners every few weeks. You and your partner read about the concept, then use what you read to solve the specific problem that you are on. The teacher helps and guides partners as you both work to discover a successful way to solve it.

The different software includes APP INVENTOR where you get to create a phone app, and SCRATCH, which is a ‘drag & drop’ way of programming the computer. Also included is learning to use JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, and PYTHON programming languages. The class also includes using ANDROID tablets to run and test the applications and see your finished result. This course is part of the Project Leading The Way (PLTW) curriculum, and replaces the course PROGRAMMING IN JAVA previously offered at North. This course is being PILOTED only here and is not offered at the other SM high schools. Come be a part of something brand new and cutting edge at North.

Questions?? See Mr. Harrelson in Rm 257 or email him at See your guidance counselor for more info. This course is not in the course catalog since it is a first year pilot. It is considered a Math elective.

Introduction to Computer Programming

Prerequisite – Algebra 1 or concurrent enrollment in Algebra 1
2033 – 1/2 Unit

This course provides an introduction to the use of computer programming as a problem-solving tool. The fundamentals of computer programming are the focus of the course. Students will receive an overview of current topics in computer science such as the capabilities of different programming languages and the significance of computer programming in today’s society. Introduction to Computer Programming is not a prerequisite for Programming in Java, but it is recommended for students with little programming background. Credit in this course may not be applied toward minimum graduation requirements in mathematics but may be used to meet elective requirements.