Prerequisite – None
6025 – 1 Unit

Accounting is the language of business and is considered a must for college business majors. Accounting is a valuable course for all students pursuing a career in business, marketing, or management. Financial transactions will be analyzed and recorded and financial statements will be produced. Accounting software will be introduced.

Accounting infographic


Business Law

Prerequisite – None
6120 – 1/2 Unit

This course is designed to expose the student to our legal system, civil and criminal law. Topics will include law as it relates to business ownership, consumer protection, and contractual agreements. Real situations and specific court cases will be studied.

Why take Business Law?

The main reasons are: 

1. to make a student aware about law
2. law is helpful in maintaining business in legal ways.
3. To make us aware of the legal issues involving businesses and how to deal with them.
4. Apply the principles of law in personal and business settings.

Business Management

Prerequisite – None
6031 – 1/2 Unit

This course is designed to acquaint students with basic economic functions, small business operation and entrepreneurship. Skills reinforced in this course include the functions of management, production operations, personnel, marketing, and accounting overviews. Finance and investments and international business are also emphasized. Students will become aware of the importance of business in our economy, the value and qualities of well-trained management, and be better prepared to be successful participants in the business world

Microsoft Business Applications

Prerequisite – None
6136 – 1/2 Unit

Students will learn the necessary skills needed to use the Microsoft Office software. The first quarter of each semester will focus on Word. The second quarter of each semester will focus on Excel. Those students accelerating through Word and Excel may take advantage of enrichment opportunities in PowerPoint. Through learning experiences provided within this course, students will be eligible to participate in a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, where the testing option is provided at the end of the course’s specific units of study. The cost associated with the certification is the responsibility of the student. Course may qualify for JCCC advanced standing credit.

College Bound – Career Ready– Got Skills MS Office skills are a necessity, especially Excel if you want to succeed in the future.

  • Proficiency with productivity software like Excel and Word increases your pay in careers that emphasizes people skills.
  • Nearly every profession in the world should have some use for Excel.
  • Excel is perhaps the most important computer software program used in the workplace today.
  • Understanding spreadsheet and word-processing software is a baseline requirement in nearly 80 percent of all middle-skill job openings.
  • From the viewpoint of the employer, particularly those in the field of information systems, the use of Excel as an end-user computing tool is essential.
  • Not only are many business professionals using Excel to perform everyday functional tasks in the Careers that require digital skills are growing at a much faster clip than jobs that don’t –
  • Middle-skill jobs grew 2.5 times more rapidly between 2000 and 2013 than those that do not require spreadsheets, word processing
  • Workplace, an increasing number of employers rely on Excel for decision support.

Digital Design

Prerequisite – None
6010 – 1/2 Unit

Digital Design provides students the foundations of computer design using Photoshop and other graphics software. Students will capture images and learn to manipulate them to create dynamic designs. Project-based curriculum will apply design elements and principles. Credit may be applied toward the minimum fine arts graduation requirement. Course may qualify for JCCC advanced standing credit.

Examples of Student Work

Digital Design Studio

Prerequisite – None
6011 – 1 Unit

Students combine creativity and technical skills using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat Professional. Students learn the skills necessary to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats. Students culminate the year with an e-portfolio of projects which reflect the skills and knowledge learned. Credit may be applied toward the minimum fine arts graduation requirement. Course may qualify for JCCC advanced standing credit.

Examples of Student Work: