Prerequisite – Counselor/Case Manager Approval
0147 – 1/2 Unit – Fall
0148 – 1/2 Unit – Spring

This program provides a range of services and supports for the identified gifted student including independent research, in-depth studies in curricular areas, off-campus study, study skills, and seminars. Students who enroll in this course for achievement of goals in the SEEK curriculum will receive SEEK credit/letter grade. Students who choose to compact a course and complete the compacting within the first quarter may choose to also compact the SEEK semester curriculum in a quarter for a maximum of 1.0 units of credit including the courses that are compacted. Students who enroll in this course to compact two non-SEEK courses will receive letter grades for the compacted courses but they will not receive a SEEK credit/letter grade. Within five days of the start of the quarter students must declare they are compacting for a SEEK semester grade. This course may be repeated for credit.