Culinary Arts 2: Sem 2

Prerequisite – Culinary Arts 2:S1
6407 – 1 unit (2 hour, 1 semester) CAA

This course offers students a practical introduction to advanced applications in culinary fundamentals. With a continual emphasis in learning, segments will be in scaling ingredients, kitchen math, and formula expansion. Students will experience today’s cooking trends, modernist cuisine, food science, special events, American Chef history. A minimum “6” Professional Learning Experiences are required for this class per semester. These will include opportunities at The Broadmoor Bistro, Catering and Event Management, Guest Chef Mentor Series and special events both inside and outside of the school day. Students will use industrial equipment and will apply sanitation procedures to food production. Course cost is $50.00 for consumables. District transportation is provided to the Center for Academic Achievement during normal class hours. Transportation for Professional Learning Experience outside the class day is not provided. Credit may be applied toward the minimum fine arts graduation requirement.