Medical Health Science 2

Prerequisite – Medical Health Science 1 with a “B” or better, teacher recommendation and completion of or concurrent enrollment in Human Anatomy and Physiology
4138 – 3 Units (3-hour block, 2 semesters)
4139 – 1 1/2 Units (3-hour block, 1 semester)

Students shadow health care professionals as they perform duties in hospitals and other health care facilities. Shadowing experience placement will be based upon career goals. Students receive no pay for shadowing experiences. Students provide transportation to shadow site. Certificate of health, Hepatitis B series, and TB test, administered no more than one year prior to the first day of class, are required. Course cost is $20.00. CPR and optional certification will require additional fees. Students who plan to participate in certification programs must enroll in the two-semester course. Course may qualify for JCCC advanced standing credit. This course may not be applied to the minimum graduation requirement in science.