Forensic Science 2

Prerequisite – Forensic Science 1
4245 – 1/2 Unit

Case studies are provided for all units, as well as research/analysis completed by students on famous cases.

This course furthers students’ exploration of how science and inquiry are applied to the criminal justice system. Topics include:crime scene analysis, physical/ chemical analysis of evidence, microscopy, chromatography, hair/fiber/glass/document/fingerprint analysis, firearms, drug, toxicology, entomology, anthropology, blood (serology) and DNA analysis. Principal methods of learning include lecture, demonstration, case study analysis, forensic journal reading, forensics competitions, lab activities and experiments. This course will emphasize potential career pathways, critical thinking, problem-solving, observation, data analysis, and data collection, in addition to scientific skills and techniques.

We do not go to, or compete in forensics competitions.