Prerequisite – ELA 2
1150 – 1 Unit

All English courses address the same general goals. Students will:

  1. Read a variety of texts for understanding, information, and personal enjoyment.
  2. Write effectively for different audiences, purposes, and occasions.
  3. Employ language to communicate effectively.
  4. Speak effectively for a variety of audiences, purposes, and occasions.
  5. Apply skills to become independent learners.

Students may not enroll concurrently in English 9-12 courses. Exceptions to this policy are subject to the building review process; final approval must be granted by the building principal.

Note: Students will be assessed $8.00 for instructional materials which may include print or digital books for annotation. The books may be kept by the students for future use and reference.

Students read closely and think critically about diverse themes in American history, using a variety of fiction and informational texts. Students will write analytically through a range of formal and informal writing, actively participate in oral discussions, apply appropriate language skills in writing and speaking, and develop research skills using teacher-directed and student-generated topics.