Digital Design Studio, Advanced

Prerequisite – Digital Design Studio, Digital Business, Desktop Publishing or Teacher Approval
6012 – 1 Unit

The Advanced Digital Design Studio course provides students opportunities to further develop and apply skills using advanced techniques for digital projects. Students work individually and in teams to produce authentic client projects. The focus is on effective graphic design and project management to solve specific digital communication challenges. Course may be repeated for credit. Course may qualify for JCCC advanced standing credit.

Advanced Digital Design Studio is a graphic design class at SM North that creates many different projects for the school, district and community. Students enrolled in this class have successfully completed Digital Design Studio and are ready to go to work showing off their creative graphic skills. Below are a few of their online portfolio’s.

Blake Dirks
Amy Epp
Ashlyn Marvel
Hannah Merrell
Rene Panameno
Jose Rodriguez
Lukas Smith