Microsoft Business Applications

Prerequisite – None
6136 – 1/2 Unit

Students will learn the necessary skills needed to use the Microsoft Office software. The first quarter of each semester will focus on Word. The second quarter of each semester will focus on Excel. Those students accelerating through Word and Excel may take advantage of enrichment opportunities in PowerPoint. Through learning experiences provided within this course, students will be eligible to participate in a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, where the testing option is provided at the end of the course’s specific units of study. The cost associated with the certification is the responsibility of the student. Course may qualify for JCCC advanced standing credit.

College Bound – Career Ready– Got Skills MS Office skills are a necessity, especially Excel if you want to succeed in the future.

  • Proficiency with productivity software like Excel and Word increases your pay in careers that emphasizes people skills.
  • Nearly every profession in the world should have some use for Excel.
  • Excel is perhaps the most important computer software program used in the workplace today.
  • Understanding spreadsheet and word-processing software is a baseline requirement in nearly 80 percent of all middle-skill job openings.
  • From the viewpoint of the employer, particularly those in the field of information systems, the use of Excel as an end-user computing tool is essential.
  • Not only are many business professionals using Excel to perform everyday functional tasks in the Careers that require digital skills are growing at a much faster clip than jobs that don’t –
  • Middle-skill jobs grew 2.5 times more rapidly between 2000 and 2013 than those that do not require spreadsheets, word processing
  • Workplace, an increasing number of employers rely on Excel for decision support.